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Victor Micu

Categorie: Auto-depășire

Nume și prenume candidat: Micu Victor

Nominalizare: JCI Craiova

Ocupația sau profesia candidatului: Program Manager

Educație – Diplome, Premii:

  • 2008 – 2012 C.N. Iulia Hașdeu – Bucharest – High School, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  • 2012 – 2016 Politehnica University – Bucharest –
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Automatic Control & Systems Engineering –
  • 2016 – 2018 Politehnica University – Bucharest – Master’s, Engineering and Management of Business Systems


Informații cronologice cu privire la cariera candidatului și domeniul de activitate:

  • September 2016 – January 2017 Brand Ambassador @ Startup Weekend

Startup Wekend is an international initiative that allows allows students to have a taste of the entrepreneurial world. It’s the perfect place for ideas to be brought to life and transformed into possible businesses. Victor’s role as a Brand Ambassador was to make the event very popular among students, young professionals and entrepreneurs and to develop the newly formed community.

  • June 2016 – present Program Manager @ LEADERS Foundation – Atelierul Digital

Atelierul Digital is a project organised by Leaders Foundation and powered by Google Romania. It belongs to a bigger European initiative called Growth Engine which is developed by Google in order to introduce young people to the digital world by taking them on a user journey based on introductory lectures, case studies and practical exercises.

  • September 2017 – present Lead Organizer @ Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is an international initiative that allows students to have a taste of the entrepreneurial world. It’s the perfect place for ideas to be brought to life and transformed into possible businesses.


Detalii suplimentare cu privire la realizările excepționale ale candidatului și provocările cu care s-a confruntat pentru a le atinge:

By far his greatest achievement is the fact that he managed to deliver more than 100 digital courses in 25 universities from 33 cities and by training more more than 12000 people.

As the program manager for Atelierul Digital, Victor is responsible with organizing the seminaries all around Romania and also with with coordinating and innovating the new program we have prepared for 2017 – Academia Atelierul Digital – which is a digital school where participants have the chance to learn digital marketing from professionals and to put all that knowledge in use through an internship program organised within their universities.

He is also responsible for a team of 2 people with whom he works together to bring the best results. He is also the coordinator for 17 students that volunteer as Google Student Ambassadors across the country.

Exceptional results when leading his team:

  1. Successful team leaders need to know how to manage their team’s performance effectively, so that the team and the organization achieve the best results possible. As a teamleader, Victor succeeded in practicing and encouraging open communication among everyone. He has always successfully identified where the team is performing well and where it needs to improve and adjust. He has been consistent for everyone, developing a common language for discussing the way things are going.
  2. Another exceptional result would be the fact that Victor established and extended trust within his team as well as outside the organization. He has an extraordinary ability to establish trust to others by reading the situation, risk and integrity of the individuals involved in his team.





Modul în care candidatul exemplifică principiul exprimat în următoarea linie a Crezului JCI: „Lucrul în folosul umanității este cea mai nobilă formă de a munci.”

Victor is one of the youngsters hoping and working towards changing the world. He focuses on digital education and entrepreneurship, two of the main sectors that can shape the Romanian economy. He considers that everyone should be an active part of society and that all of us should work towards creating a better world. That is why he has been volunteering for over 6 years and tried to inspire others through his actions. He organized Start-up Weekend Bucharest 2017, which created an environment for new teams and new ideas to appear. At least one successful business started from that competition, which proves that Victor’s actions and projects show results.

Moreover, he works every day trying to grow Atelierul Digital, which makes up for the lack of digital education in the Romanian schools. Because of Victor, more people understand better how to use the Internet to grow themselves and their businesses.

He started volunteering since he was a student, being part of BEST. He created educational projects for his fellow colleagues and tried to help them develop their softer skills also, not only the technical ones developed by the university. Even now, 4 years after he joined BEST, he is a mentor for the new members and tries to share his experience and help them as much as he can.

Being an active member of the Rotaract Network, more exactly Rotaract Cismigiu Club, based in Bucharest, clearly proves his dedication in bettering the world through humanitarian service.There is no greater satisfaction for Victor than that which comes from serving others.

Victor acts based on a fixed set of values, one of them being responsibility towards society. Many times, he puts others above his own needs and everyone knows that he is reliable, helpful and fighting for humanitarian progress.


De ce persoana nominalizată ar trebui să fie dintre cei 10 tineri remarcabili ai României în 2017 și reprezentantul nostru în competiția internațională din 2018?

Great leaders work hard and work smart, and more so with every passing day. Because of his love and passion to make things happen, Victor succeeds in always staying focused. He doesn’t give up so easily and brings 110% of himself at work and sets an example for all those around them. In the past year, he has even become an example for his generation.  He has recently been invited to a leadership conference for romanian youth, to talk about his work results and the way in which he engages the uncomfortable, addresses the impossible and chases the insoluble http://leaders.ro/programe/experience/cei-care-accelereaza-viitorul/. He finds himself in a constant process of leading people out of of fear into faith, from nervoussness to committment, and from ambiguity towards a vision.